Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist’s Children’s Faith Formation programs strive to provide an atmosphere where families—parents, children, and youth can experience God’s love and Word so that faith may become living, conscious, and active.  St. John’s Community looks to the family, the “domestic church,” as the most important Christian influence since it is in the home that a child learns that faith.  Religious formation classes reinforce the traditions of that faith and each child’s Roman Catholic identity, while the parish supports the child in learning to celebrate that faith in community.  St. John’s family faith formation commits itself to a close collaboration with the family and the parish community to fulfill this mission.


CCD Programs for 2017-2018

There are three programs offered in the parish for children in grades K through 8.

Sunday weekly program: 

Classes begin in mid-September. Each class begins with Mass at 10:00 AM. Parents sign their children in on the way into Mass. The children go to Liturgy of the Word for Children during the Mass. After Mass ends the children are dropped off at class in the academy to continue instruction for an additional 40 min. Dismissal is at Noon. Classes begin in mid-September through April.

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Family Home Study program:

Begins with an initial meeting in September at which time parents will receive their children’s books, Alive in Christ by OSV, with the schedule of lessons to be completed at home and gathering dates once a month from October through April.

The gatherings are lessons taught by the Pastoral Associate and other catechists to parents and children who sit together. At least one parent is to be with their child for each gathering. Homework is collected and previous work done is returned after the initial gathering. Grade 2 Children are asked to be enrolled in either the Sunday or Summer program due to the preparation for First Communion.

Mass attendance is part of the program and one Mass a month during the year at 10:00 am is assigned for Home Study students and parents.

Junior High Special – A Home Study option for Grades 7 and 8

Our 7th and 8th graders will be given another option at the home program parent meeting in September. They may come separately 4 times during the year as scheduled with a parent for a review of one of the books with follow up homework. There are seven books in the Junior High program with the seven themes found in the K-8 Alive in Christ program. This year all Jr High students in the Summer and Home Study will be taking the following topics: Church, Sacraments and Morality. Mass attendance is part of the program and one Mass a month during the year at 10:00 am is assigned for Home Study students and parents.

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Summer Program:

The dates for this year are June 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30. Attendance is required for all classes. There are two sessions: Mornings from 8:30am to 12:00pm and Afternoons 1:00pm to 4:30pm.

The books are Alive in Christ by OSV, there are 15 out of 21 lessons taught in the week of summer. The remaining chapters are taught over 8 return sessions scheduled for Sunday mornings from 9:00 AM to 9:45AM beginning in September and ending in April. One Sunday is for the morning session and another for the afternoon sessions.

Masses for CCD are scheduled at 10:00 AM on the return dates of the summer program. Parents pick up their children from school and sign in on the way into church. Mass attendance is part of the program.

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Parish Expectations for families enrolled in CCD

at St. John the Baptist, Hillsdale, NJ

The following expectations are essential to the successful evangelization and education in faith of our young people and lead our families to grow in becoming true disciples of Christ in the Catholic tradition. All four components together form the core experience of our life as Catholics.

Weekly Sunday or Saturday evening Mass attendance with attendance at Masses designed for CCD community

Faith Formation for Adults – continued education on the part of the parents that are educational in nature.

Service within the parish and beyond as families and individuals.

Community social experiences – attending events sponsored by the parish such as Sunday coffees, play, dinners etc.

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