Art and Flowers - Enhance the beauty and spirituality of our worship environment and surrounding areas during the key times of Advent, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary Time. Participation and creative ideas are needed and welcomed.

Gerard Bourcier (Art & Liturgical Decor) . . . 201- 214-7782
Fr. John Korbelak . . . 201- 664-3131 x115

Fr. Tadeus Jank . . .  201-664-3131, Ext. 112

Sacristans - Prepare the altar and other liturgical appointments for the various seasons and celebrations of the Church.  Includes changing the vestments, altar paraments and cloths, as well as the maintenance and laundering of the altar linens.

Fr. Tadeus Jank . . . 201-664-3131, Ext. 112


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