AUGUST 12, 2018

“ ‘They shall all be taught by God.’ ”

Jesus tells us that no one has seen the Father, but that “..everyone who listens to the Father, comes to me.”

How does this listening take place, if we have not seen the Father? Jesus makes clear that the only connection we have with God the Father is through Him, who has seen the Father. We have only the “Word made flesh” who can speak to us of God.

Our challenge is to listen to the Word, Jesus, with attention and insight. We are called to dwell on the words that he speaks, so as to see the true nature of things and the way in which God is working in our world.

The teachings of Jesus clearly reflect the will of the Father. Jesus says, if you know Jesus, then you know the Father for the Father and he are One. We are to conclude of course that God is speaking to us of the meaning of life through the person of his Son.

How seriously do we apply what Jesus says about what our priorities and focus should be in life? Do we really try to love even our enemies? Do we do good to those who hate us? Do we forget ourselves in the service of others? Do we care for the least of our brothers and sisters?

The criterion Jesus sets out as a measure of our faith is not easy to meet. It requires understanding the universal bond among all people, and how that bond unites us to God, whose love is filtered through his true sons and daughters. Are we one of them?


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