CaptureFrom The Pastor’s Desk


JANUARY  21st, 2018



“ ‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of men’.”

The call of the first disciples was a call to leadership. It was a recognition that what they were to do would change the lives of many and draw them out of the ocean of concerns they had, into a focus on things that really mattered.

We recognize in the continual call to all disciples, the need to be able to draw others to what we have discovered is valuable to us in leading a meaningful life.

Our challenge in each age is to articulate for a new generation, the value of the Gospel life.It seems that at present, we may not be doing such a great job.

Looking at the world and the way of life chosen by many younger people, there seems to be an urgency to help younger people recognize the value of community and the necessity of being involved in the world outside their own homes.

Every person can isolate himself to some degree from the operation of those around them, but Jesus teaches that to wall ourselves off from others is to stem the flow of relationships that brings bonding, mutual assistance, cooperation and most importantly, channels of love.

To draw others into the dynamic of community is essential to the survival of the individual and the community. To commit to being fishers of men is to bring life to one another. We need to ask ourselves if we really are committed to leadership in our world.

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