September 24, 2017


“What if I wish to give
this last one the same as you?
Or am I not free to do
as I wish with my own money?”


Like little children afraid that someone else will get more than we will, we can handle our adult relationships with a greed and selfishness unbecoming our Christian identity.

How we react to the blessings of others tells us something about ourselves. While we would not turn away an unexpected blessing, we have a hard time not being resentful that the blessing was not given to us instead! We have no problem believing in our own worthiness, but we are not always willing to acknowledge the worthiness of another.

The blessings of God, however, do not always go to the “worthy,” but to those who are the “needy.” Just as a parent worries more about a child who is having difficulties in life and is more conscious of the need to spend more time and energy in helping him correct his life, so too God is aware of who needs more help.

Perhaps that is why we sometimes see people, who we may not judge ”worthy” of good luck, winning the lottery and then squandering their good fortune. Perhaps the point is that money doesn’t solve all problems, and if you are smart enough to see that, it may awaken the need to attend to those areas of life that are in need of attention. God’s generosity takes many forms, and teaching us lessons is one of them.

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