CaptureSecond Sunday of Advent

 DECEMBER 9, 2018

“…one mightier than I is coming.”


The ministry of John the Baptist is singular in that he does not seek glory for himself, and is self-effacing when greeted with praise. As disciples of today we are called to follow the same path of humility while we seek to proclaim the Gospel.

One of the ways in which we can do this is to make sure that we acknowledge the source of the abilities we have received. At birth, genes are dispensed to each child who is called to develop them as he grows. Some become very inflated with the praise
lavished on them when they achieve success in their lives, but a lack of humility often leads to their downfall. The Greeks even have a word for it “hubris,” ….the pride that leads to the fall! The failure to acknowledge God,

This is especially important as we raise children. When they look on their parents as people who can do everything, and who love them, their parents need to make sure that they understand that all they do for them comes from responding to the prompting of God to reach out, nourish and love.

When children, and in truth even adults, understand that there is a motivation for the loving that they receive, they perhaps grasp more fully the dynamic of life and God’s presence in it.

It is not by chance that our happiness depends on becoming loving people. The very essence of God, who created us in his image, is based on the relationship that exists within the Trinity. If what it means to be God centers around the notion of the interrelationship of Father, Son and Spirit, then we should understand the need we have for loving relationships with others. It is the source or our union with God.

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