November 12, 2017


“ Behold the bridegroom!  Come out to meet him!”


If the lights in your house have ever gone out unexpectedly, you know how desperately you search for  lamp or candles. Being prepared for occasions is something we try to do, but unfortunately, we  sometimes never get around to doing what we should to be ready.

Jesus uses the story of the wise and foolish virgins to make the point that in preparation for the coming of the Lord, we are supposed to be ready to enter into the celebration. Whether the meeting is at our own particular death, or at the end of the world as we know it, Christians should have minds and heart prepared for the union.

Preparedness rests on knowing what will be needed in advance of its being needed. We know what we need to be ready for the kingdom. We need hearts and minds that are charged up with the practice of love and caring, so we understand how to fit into the mutual love of the kingdom of God. Having done more than is required by necessity, we can have an “extra store” of good works with which to light the way into the celebrations of eternity.

While there is still time we need to engage ourselves in caring for the poor, helping the needy, counseling the troubled, advocating for justice, forgiving hurts, and all those other spiritual and corporal works of mercy that we were taught.

As we prepare for the season of Advent, let us celebrate Christ’s coming with prepared hearts.

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