July 16, 2017


“To anyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; from anyone who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”


You might ask, “To anyone who has WHAT?”

It seems that for the growth of the blessings and opportunities we receive, it is required that there be a conditioned reception of those gifts. The gifts have to land on a mind and heart pre-conditioned by attitude and aptitude to be able to utilize them.

The “precondition” Jesus is talking about has to do with an understanding that God is at the root of all we have. Acknowledging that fact and understanding what is expected of one who is the benefactor of blessings creates an “attitude of gratitude” which puts one in a good place.

When we appreciate what is done for us, we are motivated to do good ourselves. We return the blessings and share them with others. This procedural setup allows us to be the distributors of God’s blessings, and we take our place in God’s scheme of things.

Cooperating with God helps us to fulfill our purpose. We are created to know, love and serve God. When we do these things, we are in harmony with all creation, and can even see in the difficulties of life. God’s challenge to us is to learn to trust and to seek the direction in which he is leading us. Steel is tested in fire; we are formed in moments of challenge. People without faith can fall apart when stressed. People who believe are not overthrown by life’s adversities.

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